Artist's notes
Cosmic Comedy / Millennial Music, 2000
oil on acrylic on linen
78” x 120” ((198.12 cm x 304.8 cm))

Cosmic Comedy / Millennial Music

Cosmic Comedy / Millennial Music, 2000. The approaching Millennium created a stir from the apocalyptists, historians, prophets, numerologists and scolds. The anticipation of a new era and the passing of the twentieth century made a response inevitable, because no matter what was being done it was considered related to the event. In the spirit of social rapport, I set out to make a painting that would amuse my own prophetic inclinations as well. I included images from previous paintings, a freewheeling spatial structure with abstract illusionist and perspectival effects to further contort the ambiguities engaged. This painting is a phantasmagoria of formalist, surreal and sci-fi signifiers. Configurations are painted as matters of fact when they are phenomenalist in origin. These are contrivances and conjectures to suggest deranged technology and fantastic dynamics. The extravagant title helps to position the incongruities and temerity in the mix. No known images are depicted, yet the abstract elements are given dimensional rendering. The millennial music aspect could be ascribed to a visual image - the present Times Square of New York City: its lights, color, architecture, traffic, and crowds, which spin relentlessly, like a futuristic hell. The visual noise of this futurism, if first turned audial and then translated into its visual equivalent after a model of composed music, would be the perfect metamorphosed image for my use.


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